About Us

Our team has always been inspired by tons of architects and engineers all over the world. The fact that those professions are both hard to achieve, it is quite fascinating that still, there many people who pursue and work hard to be able to realize their dreams of being architects an engineers. If you ask children what they want to be in the future, most of them will answer “engineer” followed by “architect”. I know that for I was like that myself and I know how many of us still wants to be professional architects and engineers. Time sure flies fast that here I am now, one of those professionals who build, create and design buildings for many people.

It wasn’t easy for it takes time, motivation, inspirations, hard work, and especially, creativity. I had a hard time pursuing this profession but it never occurred to me to give up. Instead, I took my time and practiced, helped myself to be motivated. I cannot deny how my family was a big part of the inspiration and motivation I got. But aside from that, I knew the moment I took this path, that I have to make myself a plan. A plan for my life, for this dream and that’s what I did. We can never tell when will we ever fail or make a wrong decision. It was a wise and great idea that I made a plan beforehand without knowing if I will need it or not. I knew I had to prepare myself for anything and planning for my dream and life is important in pursuing my goals.

I graduated, took a profession, got myself recognized for my skills and talents but it never left my mind how hard it was for me to get in this position. With that in my mind, I created this site along with my other friends. Our mission is to help aspiring architects pursue their dreams. To always make sure they are prepared for whatever that will happen next and also to give them inspiration, motivation and boost their creativity.