Where can I see these designs and buildings you post?

These designs and building we post can be seen in different sections. There’s one for the designs as drafts and designs as buildings. You can find them here in our website if you click the design buttons on the left side of the page. You may see designs for houses as well.

I want to know who are the architects behind the designs you post, may I see the creators and where?

We post the designs along with the owners for the credentials. It’s posted at the details part and can be seen if you read the information about the posts. Our team makes sure not to forget to tag the people behind these great designs so you will be able to see them anytime.

The life goals you mentioned before, is it only connected with architecture or with engineering as well?

Our site is mainly for architectures only but since engineering and architecture are both connected to each other, some plans can include engineering as well. But that happens only once in a while since we focus on architects. If you are looking for a website dedicated to engineers, we might be able to recommend you one, just give us a message asking for it and we will make sure to respond to you.

As a teen aspiring to be an architect, will these plans you recommend help me achieve my dreams more?

We guarantee that we will be a huge help when it comes to planning your future however, achieving and pursuing your dreams will always depend on you. Our website can give you plans and tips but if you really want to become an architect, make sure to be inspired and willing to pursue your dreams all by yourself. We intend to support you and these plans are surely reliable but most importantly, be motivated by yourself.