Aspiring architects will always need their own inspirations and motivations. It’s hard to pursue this dream and achieve our goals. We know because most of us are professional architects who went through a lot before getting here in our current positions. With this in our minds, we intend to give our help and support through this website called Plan B Arquitectura. With years of experiences in Architecture and years of running this site, our services and help continue to improve through the years. It may not be a lot but we guarantee that it will guide you to the right path.


Designs are always important when it comes to Architects. You have to be creative with spaces, designs, buildings, towers and many more. As an architect, it is not easy to create great designs all the time. That being said, we need more motivation and inspiration so Plan B Arquitectura is here to present you many designs from various people. Be it modern or classic, it will definitely boost your creativity.


Planning our life and steps toward our dreams play a huge part in success. We cannot make a decision that will make us fail and we can’t just do something without thinking thoroughly and properly. That’s why this website provides a lot of blogs and posts from various architects and bloggers on how they succeeded in pursuing their dream. They will also give suggestions and tips on how to carefully achieve your goals one step at a time. We can sometimes post about our own life experiences or we can just simply post about something that we can simply teach others. Most of these blogs also consist of what to do and what not to do. Since we cannot avoid making mistakes, we will also post about the mistakes these professional architects did and make sure to not do them as well.