Troubleshooting Common Overhead Garage Door Problems

Is your garage door start showing troubles for a variety of various reasons? It is very common as your garage door gets older they can start to malfunction, its tracks may become bent and damaged, the motors can lose its power, springs may lose its strength or torsion, and mounting brackets may become loose.

Most of the problems need properly qualified and certified garage door repair technician to fix or replace the garage door parts. Let me share my experience with you when I tried to search “who can fix a broken garage door” and my position in the garage was very offensive. It breaks my concentration when I have any serious work. However, there are plenty of garage door problems that you can fix on your own.

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The common complaint about the malfunctioned garage door is that the door will not open smoothly at all. If you press the button of garage door remote, and the garage door is completely refusing to open then there are few factors to check on urgent basis:

  • Check the garage door remote to make sure that the batteries have enough power
  • Check to confirm that the garage door motor is still securely plugged in into its socket
  • Check the fuse box to confirm that a breaker or fuse was not tripped
  • Check the mechanism thoroughly to ensure that the antenna is hanging down properly
  • Check the wall switch to confirm if it works to open the garage door. if it does then you should replace the batteries of remote control and try to reprogram the garage door opener

Another most common garage door problem is that when the garage door will not open or close properly all the way it should be. It can be caused by the misaligned garage door tracks which are not in a position to slide down properly. You should also inspect garage door tracks thoroughly to find out any obstruction or bend. If it has, fix the track using a rubber hammer. To test the performance of the garage door, disconnect it from the opener to operate it manually. If you are able to raise or lower it by hand smoothly without any difficultly then there are chances that the close limit switch is to blame. If the close limit switch is:

  • Too close to the garage door motor then the garage door will close properly but the motor will not stop functioning
  • Too far from the garage door motor then garage door will not perform its opening task successfully

In these critical cases, it is good to leave the configuration of the switches to a reputed and professional garage door repair company. There is one more thing that can cause malfunctioning in the garage door sensor. Modern garage doors have sensors near the bottom to stop the garage door being closed whenever detect any object like pets, cars, and toddlers under it. Garage door sensors are programmed to sense if something is blocking the path of garage door and will stop it from closing. Therefore if you experience that garage door goes back before touching the ground, you will have to make sure that there is nothing that is tripping the sensors.

Welcome to Plan B Arquitectura

Welcome to Plan B Arquitectura, the website for aspiring architects and architectural enthusiasts.

Welcome to Plan B Arquitectura, the website for aspiring architects and architectural enthusiasts.

Many people have always wanted to be an Architect or an Engineer someday and we cannot deny the fact that it is sometimes a hard dream to pursue. To be an Architect, we have to be creative with spaces, designs, buildings and so much more. Being an architect often runs in the blood like for example, an architect mother and father will likely have children who will grow up to be architects. This will also likely span generations. But it is also possible to be an architect by practice and hard work. You can study hard and pursue this dream, practice your designs on your in Houston while you are still young. We will all improve as time pass by so hard work is really important when it comes to our dreams.

Since ideas and improvements are both important when it comes to architecture, Plan B Arquitectura is here to help you and guide you all the way. Our website will provide you tons of help when it comes to this industry. We’re here to give you designs that can help you build your creativity and eventually think of your own original designs. Plans and suggestions about how to be a successful architect will be given in our site as well. It is our mission to help as many aspiring architects as we can.

Of course, anyone is free to use our website and get as many ideas as they want. We post pictures of various buildings, designs, houses and many more. Just credit the owner, architects, engineers and designers of the posted creations. These said photos can be seen in our website at different sections. The pictures are usually of different types of buildings or even houses. Just simply find the design you’re looking for in the different sections or you can even try to search for it using the search engine provided.

The plans mentioned can also be seen in our blogs, tips, suggestions that we also provide. We have may architects working for us and also bloggers that posts their own personal works and experiences for the sake of this website. They give many tips like for example, creating plans once you choose architecture as your profession, the things you should do to make this plan work, how to be motivated, where to get inspirations and ideas when you create your own designs. Make sure not to follow every step given but only use them to do your own plan that is suited for your own goals and perspectives. We’ll give you tips, suggestions but that’s only to let you be creative, motivated and inspired by us.

Life plans always work out especially when we have goals that we need to achieve. Plan B Arquitectura is always here to give you an amazing plan and let you create your own. Don’t hesitate to check out our whole website and discover these amazing designs, blogs and tips just for you.